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DOWNLOAD Lady Zamar Monarch Album



DOWNLOAD Lady Zamar Monarch Album

Free download Lady Zamar Monarch Album | Download Monarch Album by Lady Zamar

Lady Zamar Monarch Album. Like a monarch butterfly, Lady Zamar’s sophomore album exudes beauty and strength. Her songs embody love and self-empowerment, with the singer “realising beauty in the heart and the soul” on the Rapsody-assisted “Freedom (Monarch),” and encouraging self-acceptance on “Fat Girl”. Drawing inspiration from Quincy Jones’ orchestral tapestries and author Muzi Kuzwayo’s words, she fuses jazz, hip-hop and dance music seamlessly with the upbeat “This Is Love”, conceptual “Donatella” and socially-conscious “Delaware”. Like the bodies on Mamelodi’s famed dance floors, Monarch finds Lady Zamar moving in all her grace and power.

Tracklist of Lady Zamar Monarch Album

1. Lady Zamar – This Is Love | DOWNLOAD MP3

2. Lady Zamar – Adore | DOWNLOAD MP3

3. Lady Zamar – Be Mine | DOWNLOAD MP3

4. Lady Zamar – Delirium | DOWNLOAD MP3

5. Lady Zamar – Sunshine | DOWNLOAD MP3

6. Lady Zamar – Donatella | DOWNLOAD MP3

7. Lady Zamar – I Wish | DOWNLOAD MP3

8. Lady Zamar – Destiny | DOWNLOAD MP3

9. Lady Zamar – More and More | DOWNLOAD MP3

10. Lady Zamar – Our Process | DOWNLOAD MP3

11. Lady Zamar – Dangerous Love | DOWNLOAD MP3

12. Lady Zamar – ICU | DOWNLOAD MP3

13. Lady Zamar – Delaware | DOWNLOAD MP3

14. Lady Zamar – Addiction | DOWNLOAD MP3

15. Lady Zamar – Mary Jane | DOWNLOAD MP3

16. Lady Zamar – Sharp Shooter | DOWNLOAD MP3

17. Lady Zamar – Say Yes | DOWNLOAD MP3

18. Lady Zamar – Low Low (feat. Tellaman) | DOWNLOAD MP3

19. Lady Zamar – Fat Girl | DOWNLOAD MP3

20. Lady Zamar – Freedom (Monarch) [feat. Rapsody] | DOWNLOAD MP3

DOWNLOAD Lady Zamar Monarch Album ZIP


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