DOWNLOAD VIDEO: YoungstaCPT - YVR (Young Van Riebeek) VIDEO: YoungstaCPT - YVR (Young Van Riebeek)


VIDEO: YoungstaCPT – YVR (Young Van Riebeek)



YoungstaCPT aka Young Van Riebeek kicks off the summer season with his first single ‘YVR’ from his highly anticipated debut album 3T.

YVR is an abbreviation for Young Van Riebeek, which is a play on the name of the famous Dutch coloniser Jan Van Riebeeck who set up Cape Town as a refreshment station in 1652.

YVR is about independence. It’s about ownership and it’s about making a statement in the face of the modern day apartheid we face. It is about inspiring the youth to break them free from this slave mentality that still lingers in our communities. Recolonisation

Looking at the current state of affairs in our country it saddens me to know we’re still dealing with forced removal and protesting for housing. I’ve always been one to speak about the social issues that haunt our people and apartheid has really stunted the growth of coloured/black people in South Africa. I feel that the bigger my platform gets, I need to speak out against the things I feel are preventing our youth from excelling…” –  YoungstaCPT

Watch, download below and get the audio here


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