Rapper AKA Covers Moziak Magazine. Rapper AKA Covers Moziak Magazine.

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Rapper AKA Covers Moziak Magazine.



AKA covers Moziak magazine

AKA covers Moziak magazine.

Supa mega AKA is the new cover for popular magazine, Moziak Magazine and fans having been reacting and hailing the rapper.

On the magazine, the rapper is seen bearing the name King Forbes and fans have been giving him the due respect.

Blue Mbombo is the creative producer for Moziak Magazine and she took to twitter to share the cover with the caption that says: “All hail King Forbes! From Mzansi to the world stage.”

“An African Hip Hop star making global business deals… here’s Kiernan Forbes… family man and musician taking things to new heights each year,” The publication captioned it.

See videos from behind scenes of the photo shoot and cover photo below:

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