Type of Musical Soundtrack Affects Behavior in Gambling Type of Musical Soundtrack Affects Behavior in Gambling
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Type of Musical Soundtrack Affects Behavior in Gambling



Type of Musical Soundtrack Affects Behavior in Gambling

Modern technology has transformed the gambling industry. Pundits engage in different types of gambling including esports betting, online casino gaming, and sports betting. Many online games have soothing music. Also, traditional casinos have background music that thrills players. But, many game developers overlook music when building games. The following are four ways in which musical soundtrack affects behaviour in gambling.

  1. High and Low Tempo Music Promote Risky Gambling Behavior

The Norwegian Research Council funded 5 experts to investigate how music affects gambling behaviour. They observed 101 participants who played SuperJack. 55 people listened to jazz while the rest listened to pop music. The results indicated that slow-tempo music influences gambling while fast-tempo music increases the pace of placing bets. The experts observed prolonged gambling behaviour as participants placed more bets when slow music was played.

  1. High Tempo Music Results in Faster Bets

Dixon, Trigg, and Griffiths did a study in 2007 about gambling and music. They investigated the effects of fast music, slow music, and no music on gamblers. Sixty people played roulette in the study. The trio discovered that musical tempo affects the speed of placing bets.

Gamblers tend to place 24/7 bets online sports bets when they listen to high-tempo soundtracks. There isn’t a direct connection between the size of wagers or the amount of stake and music. The study showed that bookmakers can promote gambling by playing high-tempo music. Slow music leads to extended gaming patterns while fast music causes high wagering rates.

  1. Music Influences Turnover

Betting firms and casinos use certain principles to influence specific gambling behaviours and increase betting turnover. For example, jazz music influences punters to stay in the same place while placing slow bets. This is appropriate for slots and other games that need long sessions.

Fast music soundtracks lead to erratic gambling behaviours. As a result, punters place many bets in a short period. Some casinos play upbeat soundtracks near roulette tables to increase their revenue. They normally make players less cautious of the amount of money they spend on betting.

  1. Musical Soundtracks Create a Different Mood and Atmosphere

Music affects our mood in different ways. Some people play soundtracks when they are anxious or stressed. Musicians aim at creating a specific atmosphere and mood when they compose songs. For example, hyper music creates a lively atmosphere and is often played in intense games.

Light music rhythms create relaxed gameplay. They help gamblers concentrate while playing challenging games that need long sessions. Many gamblers are normally keen on the background music that a casino plays. They often get irritated when the wrong tune is played. Research shows that the personality of an individual doesn’t influence the musical soundtracks they like listening to while gambling.

Besides game aspects, music influences how punters behave while gambling. Research indicates that high-tempo and low-tempo music leads to risky behaviour as it reduces the reaction time of gamblers for different bets. So, game developers and land-based casinos need to choose the right soundtracks for pundits to have a great gambling experience.

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