LYRICS: Shane Eagle & Bas - Ap3X (remastered) LYRICS: Shane Eagle & Bas - Ap3X (remastered)
Boy Xender - Promises


LYRICS: Shane Eagle & Bas – Ap3X (remastered)



[Intro: Bas]
It’s Bas

[Verse 1: Bas & Shane Eagle]
If I go there, they know me
I’m cozy, and Josie got flown from Nairobi
I roll with the homies, they holdin’ the .40 but hosin’ your dome
Shawty, she dome me, a long way from home
Runnin’ ’round SA, that’s day after day, but I’m all the way up
Nigga, you think I’m Norway, the bully at Broadway
I pull up that bullet gon’ “Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo”
Yeah, my eyelids are slippin’ (Slippin’)
’N’ don’t I look like a couple million dollars
I’m in position, yeah, Bas, he ascendin’
I hand out the sentence
But I never trust a bitch enough to judge her
I seen a couple pictures of her mother, the future is bright
Find out tonight if the lottery hit
Holler’ the squad, comin’ off of the hip
Tired of you niggas, I fly there to Mars
The offer is lit, got no time for you niggas
Believe me, your bitch, she negotiate
I offer her dick, only time that she see me when I’m in her mouth
Or when I’m on her TV, or [?] see me, she high off the seaweed
I’m high off a freebie, my plug is a fan
Bitch ’bout to blow like I plugged in the Phantom (Wait, Jeez)
Niggas wanna sound like me
But they can’t sound like me
‘Cause they can’t find my key (Nah)
And I get high for free (Yeah)
And I live life so free (Yeah)
And I’m prime time, don’t sleep (Uh-huh)
Niggas tryna sound like me (Uh-huh)

[Interlude: Shane Eagle]
I feel like I’m the chosen one
You want favors, but I owe you none
I’m high, I’m high
It’s time, It’s time

[Verse 2: Shane Eagle]
They say that rap died, I’m here to revive it, nigga
My stars are aligned
And half of the time I’m half of they age
Surpassing their prime, guess pressure makes diamonds, nigga
Eagle is straight out of Africa (straight)
I landed in Brooklyn no passengers
I’m with the ‘Ville, I’m with Bassy
When I’m in Queens, know he got me
Niggas wanna sound like me, get the fuck off my nuts please
I jumped out the stage and jumped on a plane
And flew me to Amsterdam just to smoke blunts
Shout to Sanchi, when I land in Lagos, she know that we up
We fucking them up, I’m all the way up
I cut all my hoes, I’m losing more friends
I’m ducking the trends
I’m making more M’s
I’m better than them on my worst day
Dick in her mouth on the first day
Unfollow me, but she searching it (Search)
These hoes want me more when I’m curving it
To my young niggas, it’s almost the year 2020
You fuck with these labels, they dip with your pennies
And you made no cents
They with it in past, we live in the future, I really don’t get it
I gave y’all the jewels, it’s probably the reason they cursing me (Curse)
I can’t give a fuck about you, my nigga, when I know the ghost is just hurting me

[Chorus/Outro: Shane Eagle]
Niggas wanna sound like me
But they can’t get it for free
Still got a pound at my suite
Demons talking to me in my sleep
Nigga went down in the beat
Stuck in the belly of the beast
Niggas wanna down for the peak
I’m at the peak but a young nigga came from the street
Niggas wanna sound like me



Boy Xender - Promises

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